Pizza Tower

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  • Z: Play/Select/Jump
  • Arrow Keys: Navigate/Mount Ladders
  • X: Charge Up
  • Up + Z: Highjump
  • Down (during a fall): Freefall

Release & Reception:

Pizza Tower sliced its way into the gaming universe on January 26, 2023. Gamers and critics alike relished its crispy gameplay, cheesy aesthetics, foot-tapping tunes, and its rich flavor reminiscent of the Wario Land series.

Game Overview:

In the sizzling platformer, you steer the lively Peppino Spaghetti through a labyrinthine tower. Spread across five floors, each housing four adrenaline-pumping levels and a boss battle (bar Floor 5 with its three levels and a boss). Your quest? Save the adorable Toppins, pocket money, pile up points, and face-off against the big boss! But wait, that’s not all! Your key to uncovering hidden treasures? Gerome the janitor! Plus, don't miss out on those three secret rooms per level for added thrills and points!

Peppino's Moveset:

  • Body Slam: Crush foes from above, and eliminate obstructions.
  • Grab Dash: Grab opponents, hurl them forward. Projectile mode on!
  • Mach Run: Boost speed, race up walls, KO enemies, and crash blocks. Reminds you of Wario Land 4’s Dash Attack, doesn’t it?
  • Super Jump: An upward leap, breaking all barriers till he's interrupted. Think Super Metroid’s Shinespark.
  • Parry & Power-Ups: Learn moves like the Parry and unlock power-ups for added fun!


  • Shotgun: Equip ranged attacks and demolish special blocks.
  • Pepper Pizza: Soar high with invincibility and levitation.
  • Knight: Damage on touch and slide down slopes with flair.

Guest Stars:

Gustavo and Brick, both with unique attributes like long-range attacks and the ability to double-jump, make appearances in select stages.

Combo Mechanics:

Score with every defeated enemy, and keep the combo alive by defeating more foes or snatching collectibles. Watch out, though! Damage won't hurt Peppino; it shaves off your score, making those combo streaks harder to maintain. However, during boss battles, the stakes are higher with Peppino's health bar in play.

Time Pressure:

The dread of every level? Pizzaface! Overshoot your level time, and he's on your tail, ready to eject you out of the level or worse – end your game. But hope's not lost even if the timer buzzes; with agility, Pizzaface can be evaded. Just remember, two levels have no room for delays; they're instant fails!

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